State of the Art Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical Exploration of Failed Holly Creek Road Embankment

Geotechnical Exploration of Failed Holly Creek Road Embankment

K & A Engineering, Inc. is your go-to firm for professional and cost-effective geotechnical investigations.   We offer services that tailored to meet the specific needs of your project while addressing conditions that are unique to the project site.

Types of projects for which we provide geotechnical investigation services have included:

  • Commercial and industrial foundations
  • Multi-family residential development
  • Transportation corridors including bridge foundations and cut/fill embankments
  • Foundation Repairs and Underpinning
  • Slope stabilization
  • Landslide Hazard delineation and mitigation for steep ground
  • Forensic and expert witness projects
  • Retaining Walls

Our investigations thoroughly characterize project site surface and subsurface conditions.  Our reports detail existing geologic hazards and provide specific practical recommendations for design and construction of the geotechnical aspects of your project.